If your aircraft is having issues, we can fix it.  Everything from tire changes and hose replacement to structural repairs, electrical and hydraulic issues, rigging and flying surface adjustments. 

We know that owning an airplane is a costly proposition.  We are cost conscious, while performing top quality work.  There are aircraft shops that work for less, but there aren’t any that do better work.  What we can tell you is that we will never surprise you with an invoice you were not expecting.  We only perform work from Work Orders you have approved in advance. 

Also, our mission is to get you back in the air (okay…and we also want to free up shop space).  We will work diligently to make your aircraft airworthy and flying again.  To minimize AOG time, we will provide a list of possible deficiencies that may need to be addressed in the future, so that you can properly plan, budget and schedule that work, maximizing your cloud time and minimizing your hangar flying time.