Log Books & Records

Aircraft Owners are responsible for maintaining their aircraft in airworthy condition.  The only way to document airworthiness is to have a full set of records and documents.  Most GA aircraft have incomplete, disorganized records, that may or may not truly document airworthiness.  Let us help you with the audit of your records, and organize them in an easy to locate fashion. We may not be able to replace lost documents, but we can identify the missing items, and help with assuring airworthiness documentation.  Accurate, well organized documentation adds significantly to the value of an aircraft.  

Weight and Balance

Just like pilots, airplanes tend to gain weight as time goes by.  Sometimes records are lost, and it’s hard to tell how much useful load you have available, and exactly where your CG is.  Flying within your gross weight and CG envelope is a significant safety concern.  If you have doubts, we can weigh your aircraft and give you an accurate W&B for your aircraft records

Field Approvals for Major Modifications

Sometimes aircraft owners have an idea for improving their certified aircraft.  Most of the time, these changes cannot (and should not) be done without an approved STC for the change.  But every now and then, some very good improvements can be made, particularly where safety enhancements are concerned, without an STC.  It’s not an easy process, and it’s not fast, but it can be done, properly and legally.  Don’t make the mistake of installing something without the proper approvals and documentation.  It may not be safe, it’s definitely not legal, and it makes your aircraft un-airworthy.  Give us a call, we will be happy to help you through the process.

Experimental Aircraft

There are a lot of unfinished Experimental Amateur Built aircraft out there.  Sometimes projects just hit a wall.  If your garage is full of uninstalled airplane parts, and your spouse is tired of having to park outside and walk to the house in the rain…you should probably give us a call.  We can help get you finished and flying.